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Jay Harlow

Jay Harlow

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Here you’ll find a description of a luxury tour of Japan.

Customer type: Discerning, high-end, luxury travellers

  • Want every last detail taken care of to the highest standards
  • Like to feel sophisticated and high-end
  • Stay in 5-star accommodation and fly in business or first class
  • Not big on social media
  • Read Condé Nast Traveler
  • Want “storied” moments

Embark on a journey of elegant contrasts in Japan

Each moment in Japan is a rich fusion of deep-rooted traditions and striking modernity. This journey is crafted for those seeking to immerse themselves in a land of exquisite contrasts and create stories to last a lifetime.

In Tokyo, you’ll encounter a city where the ultra-modern effortlessly tangoes with the centuries-old. Your acclaimed guide will escort you to the city’s proud landmarks and hidden gems. Witness hurried Tokyoites scuttle over the Shibuya Crossing before transitioning to the tranquillity of the Meiji Shrine. This elegant temple is a peaceful oasis amidst Tokyo’s sprawling urban landscape.

For an evening of culinary delights infused with culture, indulge in a private dining experience with an elite sumo wrestler and discover the rituals behind this quintessentially Japanese sport. On the menu is Chanko Nabe, a dish few know outside of Japan.

After breakfast, settle into your private cabin aboard the Shinkansen. A symbol of vanguard Japanese technology, this gracious bullet train will whisk you to Kyoto, the soul of Japan’s storied past. Here, you will partake in spiritual zen meditation with revered Buddhist monks, an experience that promises profound reflection. Retreat to a luxurious ryokan inn, where traditional aesthetics and comfort create an atmosphere of unparalleled elegance. Relax and rejuvenate as you bathe in the privacy of your onsen.

Your first-class journey continues to the bright lights of Osaka, the culinary heart of Japan. In the illustrious Dotonbori district, embark on a gastronomic discovery, where each dish is meticulously prepared to delight the senses.

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