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Here you’ll find a description of a Japan tour for adventure travellers.

Customer type: adventure travellers and digital nomads

  • Typically millennials
  • Want adventure and cultural immersion
  • Prefer authentic experiences
  • Don’t read too much, prefer visuals
  • Use instagram and possibly TikTok

One-of-a-kind experiences in the Land of the Rising Sun

Lose yourself among Tokyo’s bustling streets, catch a glimpse of geisha in Kyoto, and chow down on sizzling street food in Osaka.

Your Japanese adventure

From Tokyo’s neon lights to Kyoto’s spirituality and Osaka’s foodie adventures, Japan packs a punch when it comes to cultural encounters.


Your adventure kicks off in Tokyo, where the latest gadgets and anime characters compete for your attention. Surrender yourself to the crowds at the world-famous Shibuya Crossing before taking it down a notch at the tranquil Meiji Shrine. For an evening meal that’ll have you on edge, befriend a sumo wrestler over a traditional Chanko Nabe dinner.

Next, hop on a bullet train and hurtle full throttle to Kyoto, the historic heart of Japan. Tap into your hidden zen as you meditate with Buddhist monks and lose yourself among centuries-old temples. For another only-in-Japan experience, hit the hay at a traditional Ryokan. Tucked away in forested hills, here you’ll don a kimono and take a dip in a steaming Onsen bath.

Your journey reaches its climax amidst the bright lights and bustling streets of Osaka’s Dotonbori district. Nicknamed Japan’s Kitchen by locals, the city is home to the country’s best cuisine. Get ready for a riot on your taste buds as you tuck into spicy street food, from Takoyaki to Okonomiyaki.

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